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In a little room, in a big house, in the middle of the lawn.

Birth Date:

Frozen pizza. Chocolate, in moderation. Chewy candy, but not too much at once. Meeting
people who'll talk to me and don't live in my head. Music of most types, played over
headphones instead of that annoying "Kuh-CH.. kuh-CH.. kuh-CH" of someone hitting me with
a stick. Wide open spaces. Playing DA. HEMLOCH!

Dislikes: People who hit me with a stick to get my attention. People who are in a big
hurry to get around. People who practice skills and spells on total strangers without
asking. Begging. Creatures with Dark elemental attacks. :X People who get too close.

Hobbies: Uhm.. Goofing off and general lazyness. Re-configuring my computer so it fits my
personality to the point where noone else can use it. Thinking. Moping about silly
things. :X PANIC!

Comments: Uhm. HI! Oh, and.. I really was born yesterday, you know.