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Name: Gabe Hansen

Location: Orem, Utah

Birth Date: Dec. 18, 1982

Well obviously I like online rpg's.. DA was my first online rpg,
and ever since then I can't play single player games anymore ;P. I like
listening to music (I like all kinds.. but I mostly listen to punk). I live
in UT (Greatest snow on earth) so I hafta love skiing, and snowboarding.. I
learned to ski at age 4.. then snowboarding got popular and I tried it out..
now I love doing both. Oh and I LOVE movies.. I used to work at a movie
rental place. ;)

Misc Info:
You can blame MayHeart for getting me into this game ;) May is a
good friend IRL. I must apologize to some of you.. for it is I who got Kinjo
to play this game.. I'm sorry Y'all! Haha, just kidding kinjo ;P. Kinjo,
and Pherix are my roommates.