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Vladislava Cederman

November 19, 1975

Washington state
Delen, Galena, Avice, Audrie, Mirela, Varda

On hobbies:
I like to read, play games, dance, I like to sing the shower heh.I like to talk to my friends about all sorts of stuff.And i looooove my digital camera.

on friends:
I am sociable and I like to be around people but I don't open up to everyone, therefore I have a lot of casual to good acquaintances but only a few true friends who really know me as I am ( poor souls;p ).And I like it that thing I cannot understand: usually people who get to know me confess that before they knew me they thought i was a stuck-up snob or worse..;).What's up with this? I am just so....friendly  

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