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Adam Lawrence Thomas

Washburn, ND. USA

Birth Date:
November 29, 1983


Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Poetry, Music (classical and modern), spending large amounts of money on Anime, jumping off of 40 foot bridges, Study of DarkAges history as well as playing the game itself. I think that about covers it!

Women!, Internet, dressing to kill, reading, nature, meeting new people, travel, RPGs, role-playing, women, anime, manga, Japan, women.

Unfriendly people, close-minded people, women who don't like me (kidding), hunting in DA.

Hey everyone, that's me. All 6 feet and 8 inches of it. It's been great getting to know a lot of people through Landon, he will be around for a long time, so I hope to meet many more in the years to come. Go check out Lyndsee's character page, isn't Lindsey sizzlin? *grins*